Born and raised in Italy, we are four young entrepreneurs who have come together to build a sustainable fashion brand

RēDEM was born out of the need to solve a problem: large quantities of leather scraps remained unused by Italian furniture companies due to their small sizes, shapes, and the difficulty in utilizing them.

We saw this problem as an opportunity to give new life to this valuable material by creating products that people love.


Our aim is to enhance who we are

The imperfect and natural beauty of the leather texture is at the heart of each of our creations. Every bag tells its story through its irregularities, nuances, and unique traits.

In a standardized world, we draw inspiration from the principles of wabi-sabi (侘寂), highlighting the imperfect beauty that makes every moment special.

We have chosen to emphasize this diversity through a unique code present in each of our products

We want to tell a completely Italian story

Ours is an entirely Italian story, consisting of authentic products and excellent design. Our local artisans make tradition their pillar.

The desire to enhance the expertise of skilled and passionate craftsmen leads to a product that is simple yet precious. RēDEM Milano thus becomes a small part of the grand story of Made in Italy leather goods, manifested in the handcrafted finishing and meticulous attention to detail.

Our goal is to empower the fashion industry

RēDEM MILANO makes sustainability a strong component of its identity.

In order to protect our environment and minimize the impact of our actions, we have decided to look at reality from a new perspective: leather scraps are no longer the end of the process but the starting point for a more conscious fashion.

Every action we take aims to safeguard the environment, respecting social sustainability.

It is an ongoing process that we carry out in the hope of finding better methods and solutions.


It is through simplicity that we can appreciate true beauty.

We believe that through simplicity, we can rediscover the value of what surrounds us.

The focus on the little things, the quality of materials, and attention to detail: this philosophy of letting go of the unnecessary translates into a design signed Made In Italy, where attention to detail takes center stage.

What remains is elegance.