We have chosen to use high-quality upcycled leather

Upcycling is defined as the process of reclaiming an object or material with the aim of giving it a new purpose and a new life.

We use full-grain leather, the outermost layer of bovine leather, which is the most precious and delicate. RēDEM's full-grain leather is of European origin, tanned in Italy, and traceable through unique codes. It is soft, substantial, has an extraordinary natural texture, and timeless colors.

All of this is done with respect for environmental and social sustainability.

The use of upcycled leather presents a significant challenge in the production process.

This type of leather, although it maintains all the qualities of the original material, makes the management process complex. Placing patterns on limited surfaces and paying attention to the finishing details are just some of the challenges our artisans face. Thanks to their knowledge and experience, they are able to bring true value to our products.

All our products are entirely handmade in Italy to ensure high-quality standards. All stages, from production to shipping, take place within the Lombardy region to minimize transportation and reduce our environmental impact.