Multiple leather sheets having different colors

Our suppliers

RēDEM MILANO takes its high quality leather leftovers from luxury furniture companies based in the province of Como, Italy. This is where everything begins.

We use full-grain leather, the outermost layer, which is the most precious and resistant. It is of European origin, tanned in Italy, and fully traceable. It is soft, substantial, has an extraordinary natural texture, and timeless colours. By utilising upcycled leather, we avoid applying new chemical treatments that would contribute to air, water, and soil pollution. As a result, the environmental impact of our work is minimal.

Our design studio

In the province of Monza, Italy, RēDEM’s team works on developing the ideas and designs that will turn our high quality leather leftovers into the best version of themselves, our products. It is the heart of the brand, where from matter, ideas are created, and from ideas, products are designed.
In our studio we have also started storing the leather which comes from our suppliers, allowing us to be immersed by it and it being part of our creative thinking process.

The leather we store is pre-sorted in order for us to have full control of what we give to our artisans, so that we can ensure that the pieces are best paired together and we deliver the best outcome for our customers.

Artisan cutting a piece of leather

Our artisans

RēDEM, in order to create its products, relies on local experienced artisans from Milan, Italy. They are people we trust, with Italian Know-How, who are faced with the challenge of working with our type of leather, which due to its small uneven pieces requires a lot of time and attention to be worked with. This is where designs become a reality and where we are able to give a new life to what had previously been deemed unusable.

We are in close contact with our suppliers and are working together to ensure that the art and craft they own will not be lost due to recent practices of the fashion industry.